2008 reddot award 國際知名德國紅點設計獎,設立新獎項~年度設計經紀人

2008 reddot award 國際知名德國紅點設計獎,設立新獎項~年度設計經紀人

德國司徒加特的設計公司Strichpunkt被獲選為2008紅點設計獎新獎項-年度經紀人的殊榮。年度設計經紀人也是世界第一個創意產業中以經紀為概念的獎項。經紀人的工作是很令人興奮但也會備受爭議,Strichpunkt 從2001年第一次參加紅點獎開始就是一家致力於創意經紀的公司。Strichpunkt 成立於1996年,由Kirsten Dietz and Jochen Rädeker創立,專注於communications agency工作,現有40人,提供企業專業且讓人興奮的一些想法,以questioning方式強化諮詢工作,Strichpunkt也是少數專注能以時尚趨勢的角度切入於企業年度報告與品牌形象結合的公司。


Top-class creativity – red dot launches a new prize for the design agency of the year

Annual reports are becoming a product with which to showcase corporate brands, and creativity is breaking down the rationality of business and breaking through boundaries – even using animal organs if necessary. Thinking laterally, treading new ground and setting trends: the Stuttgart agency Strichpunkt has written design history in becoming the world’s first ‘red dot: design agency of the year’. The agency’s work is as exciting as it is controversial, and its success testifies to this work. Since first taking part in the red dot design award in 2001, Strichpunkt is one of the creative agencies that has won most awards worldwide and has grown to become the most successful agency in the competition. This achievement inspired the introduction of a title of honor that is unique worldwide and has never been granted before. The first ‘red dot: design agency of the year’ will receive this special award, the ‘stylus’, on stage at the award ceremony of the ‘red dot award: communication design 2008’ on December 3 against the spectacular backdrop of the gala hall in the Casino Zollverein at the World Heritage site Zollverein in Essen.

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